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Making it possible.

Introduction of the 2015 Corporate Social Responsibility Report from David Sherbin.


With this report, we want to recognize Delphi’s accomplishments throughout the year, but also acknowledge the momentum required to continue on our path toward making the future safer, greener and more connected.

Building a strong, sustainable business that makes the world a better place is at the core of who we are. Whether we’re innovating technologies that make cars safer, or making environmentally-friendly improvements to our global facilities, social responsibility is at the forefront of everything we do.

While I am proud to have the title of champion of corporate social responsibility (CSR), it is our employees who are making a difference on a daily basis. They have earned the recognition Delphi continues to receive for the strength of our CSR program. They are making it possible.

We are on the road to creating a safer, greener and more connected planet, and I hope you’ll follow our progress as we continue to make it possible in 2016 and beyond.

David M. Sherbin
Senior Vice President, General Counsel,
Secretary and Chief Compliance Officer

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