MyFi®: How Infotainment and Safety Systems Work Together


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MyFi®: How Infotainment and Safety Systems Work Together

Connect to a Brighter Future with Delphi

By Jeff Owens, Chief Technology Officer, Delphi

If the auto industry wants to ensure that smartphones, radios, navigation and other consumer devices in today's vehicles do not detract from safe driving, it makes sense that these infotainment systems should be directly integrated with the safety attributes of the car or truck. After all, 70 percent of new-car buyers also own smartphones, a number that will certainly continue to grow. Infotainment technology and safety technology should work together to expand and personalize the entertainment options for drivers while making sure that those options do not interfere with safety.

That is the challenge that has spurred the innovative engineers of Delphi Automotive to develop the MyFi® family of connected infotainment systems. First, Delphi's MyFi® infotainment system invites the driver and passengers to bring their smartphones along for the ride. MyFi® furnishes access to smartphones and apps through Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi to keep consumers connected to their own entertainment. At the same time, MyFi® encourages drivers to keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel by allowing them to operate their phones using voice recognition, text-to-speech, steering wheel controls, eyes-forward reconfigurable displays and workload management technologies.

Delphi's Active Safety human-machine interface (HMI), integrated with Delphi's MyFi® infotainment system, keeps drivers connected to the information they consider important all while helping to mitigate driver distraction by keeping their eyes on the road, hands on the wheel and minds on the mission.
Delphi harnesses the power of dozens of in-vehicle computers via its MyFi® Connected Navigation Radio, a feature-rich, embedded infotainment system.

With this range of natural interfaces, MyFi® systems determine the information that can safely be made available to drivers, depending on the driving environment. For example, MyFi® knows if the transmission is in park or drive, and it customizes the availability of applications based on the vehicle's status. A driver parked in a lot waiting for a friend or family member could pass time watching a video delivered via the smart device. But once driving resumes, the video is no longer available. Instead, Internet radio and off-board navigation can appear on a high-mount screen to keep the driver's eyes looking forward.

Moreover, MyFi® connectivity, delivered through Delphi's Connected Navigation Radio, can interact with automated safety systems in the vehicle. By linking to data from safety sensors, audible and visual warnings can alert the driver to potentially unsafe conditions, such as lane drift, stopped traffic ahead or even driver drowsiness.

Additionally, the radio is a platform, built to offer greater connectivity and more navigation features than any previous device. It is embedded into the vehicle's network of systems so that it can furnish hands-free functionality that includes flexible entertainment options, ranging from AM/FM to satellite radio and HD radio; full-color map navigation; audio streaming; infotainment apps; and the ability to sync with the smartphones of the driver and passengers. Additionally, occupants can integrate their own playlists from their smartphones into the vehicle's infotainment system, which is really a server that allows individuals to create their own personal listening experiences through seamless Wi-Fi integration with smart devices.

With Delphi MyFi® systems, consumers can connect to the same entertainment and information sources in their car that they have at home by connecting through voice recognition, touch screens or steering wheel controls. And with MyFi® immediately issuing alerts if driving conditions become hazardous, drivers can focus on the task at hand — getting safely to their desired destination.

When infotainment and safety are linked through Delphi's MyFi® systems, driving becomes more fun and families become more secure. Find out more at