Asia Pacific Region Supports Green


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Asia Pacific Region Supports Green

Delphi Asia Pacific facilities are committed to protecting the environment.

Delphi's global commitment to protecting human health, natural resources, and the environment extends well beyond just compliance with the law. An industry leader in the design and manufacture of innovative automotive, commercial vehicle and other market segment solutions, Delphi invests in the green technologies that help protect the environment while meeting the needs of today's marketplace.

For Delphi's Asia Pacific operations, protecting the environment begins within our manufacturing and office facilities where the focus is on environmental awareness during every stage of operation — from production planning to product distribution. Using finely-tuned and efficient processes, incorporating recycled materials, decreasing dependence on natural resources, and finding innovative solutions to minimizing waste are just some of the ways Delphi Asia Pacific facilities are working every day to reduce Delphi's carbon footprint.

"At Delphi, we see the continuous improvement of our environmental performance and our operations as the responsibility of all employees," said Glenn Howarth, Environment, Health, and Safety director. "It's a challenge, but one that our employees take very seriously."

Focus on Best Practices

Sharing best practices in facilities management provides Delphi leaders with an opportunity to review standards and regulations as well as look to the future for Delphi in Asia Pacific.

Facilities, Energy Management, and Environment, Health and Safety supervisors and managers continue to meet on an annual basis in order to identify enhanced best practices that will result in further reductions of Delphi's environmental impact. The 2012 Asia Pacific Global Operations Team Workshop was held in India with a similar workshop held in Shanghai in 2011.

"The workshop provides an optimal forum for introducing standard operating procedures that address environmental and energy reductions of Delphi's products and manufacturing processes. The setting is effective in sharing best practices that can be implemented across Delphi in order to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness on a global scale. This process also helps us keep the organization focused on our energy usage and environmental responsibilities in every region in which we operate," said Scott Mitchell, vice president, Global Operations.

Asia Upgrades Green Practices

At Delphi's Electrical/Electronic Architecture (E/EA) Delphi Connection Systems (DCS) plant, Electronics & Safety (E&S) Suzhou Manufacturing, and E&S Singapore Manufacturing, several projects are designed to reduce impact on the environment:

  • Terminal reel materials upgrade — recyclable plastic terminal reels and shipping containers reduce the volume of cardboard waste
  • Wave soldering machine upgrade — a special nitrogen holder improves equipment performance and reduces solder dross waste
  • Non-hazardous waste recycling center — an organized recycling area provides the opportunity to segregate and recycle a variety of office waste products, thereby improving opportunities to reduce office paper usage; segregate and recycle office paper, metals, cartons and plastics; and reuse trash/umbrella bags

Fans — A Cool Alternative in Changchun, China

Improving the environment inside the Delphi E/EA facility in Changchun, China elevates employee comfort while improving plant efficiencies.

The installation of 33 new water-cooling fans throughout the building effectively reduces temperatures within the plant, leaving workers more comfortable in the hot summer months. The environment-friendly option allows for fresh air exchange and a temperature reduction of up to 15 degrees.

Lower in cost than purchasing and installing an equivalent amount of air-conditioning, the cooling fans save long-term operations and maintenance costs as well.

Packaging Improvements in India

Waste reduction efforts begun in 2009, have led the Delphi E/EA plant in Dharuhera, India, to completely redesign packaging of parts shipped from the plant. Increasing the box size for the parts allows more efficient packing of shipping pallets, reducing pallet and paper waste. And, more efficient packaging reduces the use of packaging materials such as strapping tape, bar code labels, and adhesives.

Since the program began, the plant has saved 36.1 metric tons (79,586 tons) of wood and 30.2 metric tons (66,579 tons) of paper and reduced package handling. More efficient packaging means reducing the number of shipments, saving fuel and related transportation costs.

Recycling Water Reduces Waste in India

Minimizing the impact on critical water resources, Delphi-TVS plants in Mannur and Oragadam, India, operate as zero wastewater discharge sites — recycling all wastewater for use on-site.

Water used in the plants' manufacturing processes is either treated and recycled back into the operations or routed to an evaporator, leaving only solids for disposal in a secured landfill. Sanitary wastewater also is treated and recycled for use in landscape and garden irrigation at the plants. By efficiently reusing water throughout the plant, Delphi reduces waste and saves on water costs.

Asia Pacific Wins Green Awards

Delphi has been recognized for its commitment to environmental protection in Asia Pacific with several industry and government awards in the past year, including:

  • Shanghai E/EA A5 — Shanghai General Motors "Green Supply Chain Award" for continuous plant improvement
  • Shanghai DCS/Delphi Electrical Centers — Shanghai General Motors "Green Supply Chain Award" continuous plant improvement
  • Shanghai Xiya Powertrain Delphi Shanghai Dynamics and Propulsion Systems Company (DSDPSC) — Shanghai General Motors "Green Supply Chain Award" continuous plant improvement
  • Yantai E/EA — Awarded "Y2011 Safety Production Advanced Enterprise Award" by Yantai Government; awarded "The Safety Production Team in the Enterprise Award" by Yantai Safety Production Committee; awarded "Y2011 Safety Production Advanced Enterprise Award" by Yantai Fushan Government; awarded "Y2011 Safety Production Advanced Enterprise Award" by Yantai Fushan District Committee; awarded "Safety Production Advanced Individual Award" by Yantai Fushan Government
  • Gurgaon Powertrain — Greentech Corporation "Silver Award" in automobile sector
  • Changchun E/EA — awarded "Advanced Company on Safety Production" by the local government
  • Delphi Packard China — named "Top 10 Most Socially Responsible Auto Supplier" by at the China Automotive Industry Award 2011 ceremony in Shanghai

Go Green with Delphi

Environmental stewardship is a responsibility Delphi takes seriously. It begins with a focus on the future — innovating real-world solutions that anticipate tomorrow's needs.

A global supplier of electronics and technologies for automotive, commercial vehicle, and other market segments, Delphi delivers safe, green, and connected technologies through sustainable manufacturing.

Read more about Delphi's global commitment to the environment.