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Heavy Duty & Off-Highway Vehicles Emissions Standards Guides

Delphi Worldwide Emissions Standards booklets help industry professionals stay up to date with complex emissions regulations.

Delphi's popular Worldwide Emissions Standards booklets provide easy-to-read, conveniently organized summaries of emissions regulations from around the world. The handy reference brochures were first published in 1992 by Delphi, a leading global supplier of powertrain and other automotive, commercial vehicle and related technologies. Over the years, the booklets have helped vehicle and engine manufacturers and other industry professionals keep up with ever more complex and evolving emissions standards.

There are two separate volumes of the Delphi Worldwide Emissions Standards booklets. One contains summaries of passenger car, light duty truck and motorcycle regulations, while a companion booklet provides a synopsis of regulations for heavy duty and off-highway commercial vehicles.

The 2012-13 edition of the heavy duty and off-highway emissions standards booklet is now available on delphi.com and a worldwide distribution of 9,000 booklets will start soon.

2012-13 Worldwide Emissions Standards

Heavy Duty and Off-Highway Vehicles

For printed copies of the 2012/2013 Delphi Worldwide Emissions Standards booklet, go to emissions.standards@delphi.com.

The emissions regulations of many nations are in permanent evolution to keep pace with society's need for mobility while meeting continuously increasing environmental challenges. This year's edition of the emissions booklet summarizes the most important changes in toxic emissions, CO2 and fuel economy and fuels regulations for heavy duty vehicles and non-road mobile machinery. For example, the OBD section in the booklet was extended and now comprehends the latest progression of California requirements. Many nations are adapting those standards to help achieve reduction of CO2 emissions in their own regions. Additionally, many nations are following US, EU or Japanese regulations at a slower pace, so the booklet also covers those regulations on dedicated pages.

"Each edition of the Delphi Worldwide Emissions Standards booklet requires three months of research and analysis coordinated at Delphi's Technical Center in Luxembourg and supported with input from several Delphi regional subject matter experts," said Camille Feyder, Delphi Powertrain Systems research and innovation technology manager. "The end product is a clear-cut, basic reference tool that many people around the world have found to be very helpful in their work. Delphi is pleased to be able to provide this service to our friends and colleagues in the industry."

Note: The content of Delphi Worldwide Emissions Standards represents the status of information at the time of printing and is subject to change without notice. It does not replace the need to always consult the complete official regulations.