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Mexico Technical Center (Juárez)

Delphi Mexico Technical Center Substances of Concern and International Material Data System Services

The Substances of Concern (SoC) and International Data System Services (IMDS) at the Delphi Mexico Technical Center (MTC) provide assistance with procedural guidance and reporting to help enable manufacturers and their suppliers maintain compliance with applicable regulatory standards and customer requirements for disclosure of regulated materials and substances contained in their products.

Delphi's experienced SoC/IMDS team of chemical, environmental and materials engineers can provide the expertise that manufacturers may not have in-house or to supplement their existing capabilities.vDelphi offers a convenient and affordable method to help customers meet requirements around the world for restrictions on:

  • Heavy metals, such as:
    • Lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), cadmium (Cd), and Chromium hexacarbonyl/chromium carbonyl (Cr+6), and more
  • Other hazardous elements and compounds, such as:
    • Lithium (Li) compounds, and more
  • Brominated flame retardants (BFR)
  • Acids, including perchlorates

With the creation of a team dedicated to substances of concern procedures and international material data systems, Delphi's Mexico Technical Center was a pioneer in providing guidance to the automotive industry. As a member of the European Association of Automotive Suppliers (CLEPA) and the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG), Delphi contributes to the evaluation of industry regulatory procedures.

X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer determines the presence and quantities of heavy metals in sample materials.


Atomic Absorption Spectrometer measures the concentration of metallic elements in sample solutions.


Delphi's MTC Substances of Concern and International Data System Services team offers manufacturers assistance for meeting wide range of international and regional requirements, including:

  • End of Life Vehicle (ELV) Directive for automotive products (European Union)
  • Waste Electrical and Electronic Management (WEEE) for consumer electronics (European Union)
  • Restrictions for Use of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) for consumer electronics (European Union)
  • Registration Evaluation Authorization for Chemicals (REACH) for all types of  industries (European Union)
  • Current bromide flame retardant bans (U.S.A. in California, Maine, Hawaii and Michigan)
  • Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries (JEITA) ban on lead for consumer electronics and automotive products
  • China Ministry of Information Industry Management Methods for Pollution Prevention & Control in Electronic Information for consumer electronics and automotive products
  • Korean Act for Resource Recycling of Electrical/Electronic Products and Automobiles for consumer products and automotive products
  • Pending legislated restrictions for hazardous substances in Taiwan and Korea

Delphi can provide compliance training, documentation and reporting services for a customer's sales, purchasing, engineering and customer satisfaction/quality staffs. Delphi works with the customer and its suppliers to develop a process for the use of regulated substances throughout the customer's organization and supply chain.

The Delphi Advantage

The Delphi Mexico Technical Center supports hundreds of customers worldwide in the design, development, testing, and validation of their products. It is certified to the ISO/TS 16949 Standard for Automotive Supplier Quality Management Systems. The MTC is also certified to the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems Standard. It is part of Delphi's network of state-of-the-art technical centers around the world.

Delphi is a leading global supplier of a broad range of technologies with manufacturing facilities located in more than 30 countries. Our products are engineered to meet the rigorous standards of the automotive industry, but Delphi technologies are also found in many other industries. We leverage our rich heritage and extensive technical knowledge to offer our customers an array of innovative, cost competitive solutions.

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Veronica Ortega
Business Development — Labs & Engineering Services
Delphi Mexico Technical Center
Av. Hermanos Escobar # 5756, Co. FOVISSSTE Chamizal
Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua 32310
U.S. Phone: 915.612.7948
Mexico Phone: +52.656.629.7100 Ext.57948
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