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Mexico Technical Center (Juárez)

Delphi Mexico Technical Center Calibration Laboratory

The Calibration Laboratory at the Delphi Mexico Technical Center (MTC) offers a wide range of services for precision calibration and accurate tuning of test and inspection equipment used in engineering, testing and validation, and manufacturing. Delphi's highly trained and experienced technicians use industry certified equipment to ensure the accuracy and reliability of measurement tools and devices required for today's high tech industries. The MTC Calibration Laboratory equipment and services are accredited to the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories.


The MTC Calibration Laboratory specializes in the calibration and tuning of the following types of equipment:

  • Electrical and electronic devices that measure direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC), including:
    • Digital multimeters used for reading electrical voltage (volts), current (amps), and resistance (ohms)
    • Oscilloscopes
    • Power supply equipment that provides current and voltage data
    • Function generators for frequency and amplitude measurement

  • Thermodynamic measurement devices for industrial temperature and humidity reading requirements:
    • Thermometers (digital and analog)
    • Humidity meters including indicators, transmitters, data recorders, or meter generators for measurement of relative humidity, dew point, water and humidity generators
    • Infrared thermometers ranging from -18° C to 149° C
    • Digital and analog temperature controllers

  • Mechanical instrumentation and devices for measurement of weight, force, and pressure:
    • Scales and balances (digital and analog)
    • Piezoelectronic accelerometers
    • Force gauges for push-pull force evaluation
    • Torque tools
    • Pressure meters (pneumatic and hydraulic)
    • Hardness testers for measuring surface hardness

  • Dimensional measurement tools
    • Calipers
    • Micrometers
    • Height gauges
    • Pin gauges
    • Indicators

  • Fluid quantity measurement devices
    • Flow meters

  • Chemical assessment equipment
    • pH meters for determining acidity and/or basicity of solutions

  • Optical quantity measurement devices
    • Color and luminance meters

Other services provided by the MTC Calibration Laboratory include repair of some dimensional test and inspection equipment, including vernier scale equipment, micrometers and indicators. The laboratory is also equipped to provide uncertainty studies to support product design, validation manufacturing processes.

The MTC Calibration Laboratory's dimensional standards are certified by accredited standards recognized worldwide.

The Delphi Advantage

The Delphi Mexico Technical Center supports hundreds of customers worldwide in the design, development, testing, and validation of their products. It is certified to the ISO/TS 16949 Standard for Automotive Supplier Quality Management Systems. The MTC is also certified to the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems Standard. It is part of Delphi's network of state-of-the-art technical centers around the world.

Delphi is a leading global supplier of a broad range of technologies with manufacturing facilities located in more than 30 countries. Our products are engineered to meet the rigorous standards of the automotive industry, but Delphi technologies are also found in many other industries. We leverage our rich heritage and extensive technical knowledge to offer our customers an array of innovative, cost competitive solutions.

Contact Information

Veronica Ortega
Business Development – Labs & Engineering Services
Delphi Mexico Technical Center
Ave. Hermanos Escobar # 5756, Col. FOVISSSTE Chamizal
Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua 32310
U.S. Phone: 915.612.7948
Mexico Phone: +52.656.629.7100 Ext. 57948
E-mail: veronica.ortega@delphi.com