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Customer Technical Center Luxembourg

Delphi Vehicle Emissions Testing—Diesel

Delphi's Vehicle Emissions Testing—Diesel services can provide vehicle exhaust emissions measurement testing for the following:

  • Exhaust Management Systems development
  • Engine Management Systems development
  • Component development

All current regulatory test cycles are possible in addition to customized test cycles.

Operational Parameters 

  • Temperature and humidity control
  • Test and soak area
  • Chassis dynamometer Hoffmann Twin-roll 500 mm
    • Inertia simulation: from 680 kg to 2438 kg
    • Maximum vehicle speed: 200 km/h
    • Maximum power: 88 kW
  • Emissions measurement—Euro 5 level
    • Engine out and tailpipe emissions with Horiba MEXA 7500 analyzer: CO, CO2, HC, NOx, NO and NO2 measurement simultaneously
    • Constant Volume Sampler Horiba DPS/CFV – 80: flow of 10 m3/min and 20 m3/min
    • Particulates measurement:
      • Real time Horiba TEOM 1105
      • Real time opacity meter SICK MAIHAK DMA 57
      • Mass measurement with Horiba PMU 7000 system according to legislation
  • Data acquisition system
    • Horiba CDTCS
    • Sampling rate: 10 Hz Results file in 1 Hz, 5 Hz or 10 Hz

Delphi Vehicle Emissions Testing—Diesel
Test Location

Customer Technology Center Luxembourg 

External Testing Services

Tel: [352] 5018 4082

Fax: [352] 5018 3210 

E-mail: test.lu@delphi.com