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Customer Technical Centre Luxembourg

Delphi Engine Durability Laboratory

Delphi's Engine Durability Laboratory can conduct the following testing services:

  • Engine components durability tests
  • Exhaust after treatment systems tests

Operational Parameters

  • 1 motoring dynamometer (200 kW)
  • 2 Eddy-current dynamometers (220 kW)
  • AVL Puma open test bed automation system
  • Combustion air conditioning system (AVL ACS 800)
  • Continuous measurement system for temperatures, pressures, speed and torque
  • Exhaust gas analyzers:
    • HORIBA MEXA-series
    • AVL CEB
    • Combustion Fast FID
    • Smoke meter AVL 415s'
    • Opacimeter AVL 438
  • Implementation of any customer defined test cycle
  • Continuous operation 24/7 with permanent automatic fault detection and test stop
  • Quick engine change system to optimize test cell utilization

Engine Dyno Cell

Test Location

Customer Technology Center Luxembourg

External Testing Services

Tel: [352] 5018 4082

Fax: [352] 5018 3210

E-mail: test.lu@delphi.com