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Customer Technical Centre Luxembourg

Delphi Component Testing

Delphi Component Testing can be conducted to subject components to several conditions, including salt spray and sea water acetic acid for corrosion, thermal shock for temperature extremes, and environmental chambers with different temperatures and humidity for durability.

Salt Spray and Sea Water Acetic Acid Test (S.W.A.A.T.)

Delphi can conduct corrosive testing of components via Salt Spray and S.W.A.A.T.

Operational Parameters

  • Max. volume: 1000 liters
  • Humidity range: from 15% RH to 98% RH, from ambient to saturation
  • Chamber max. temperature: 60°C
  • Spray max. temperature: 74°C

Thermal Shock Test Stand

Delphi can conduct component testing to temperature extremes via thermal shock.

Thermal Shock Test Stand

Operational Parameters

  • Temperature: from ambient to -60°C and to 160°C
  • Relative humidity: from 40% to 98%
  • Volume of the basket: 1000 liters

Environmental Chambers

Delphi can conduct testing for durability under different temperature and humidity conditions for heating and air conditioning modules, engine cooling systems and components, and more.

Environmental Chambers

Operational Parameters

  • Max. size: L = 950 mm, W = 1100 mm, H = 1495 mm (1560 liters)
  • Temperature: from -60°C to 180°C
  • Humidity range: from 15% RH to 98 % RH (± 2% RH)
  • Temperature change rate: 4°C/min (from -30°C to 150°C)

Test Location

Customer Technology Center Luxembourg

External Testing Services

Tel: [352] 5018 4082

Fax: [352] 5018 3210

E-mail: test.lu@delphi.com