Residential and Commercial HVAC/R

Delphi MCHX® Evaporator

The Delphi MCHX® Evaporator is a specially designed evaporator capable of performing both cooling and heating functions. It can provide air at a desired temperature in either residential or commercial settings.

The Delphi MCHX® Evaporator also functions as a dehumidifier when operating in cooling mode, which can help provide conditioned air to the building space, though its micro channel design allows it to operate efficiently in both condensing (heating) and evaporating (cooling) modes. It is compatible with both large and small air handlers due to its compact size.

The design leverages Delphi's 25 years of experience developing micro channel heat exchangers for automotive air conditioning systems. That same experience and expertise back Delphi's complete lineup of heat exchangers for the residential and commercial markets. They include the Delphi MCHX® Condenser which has been in production for several years and the Delphi MCHX® Heat Pump Coil, which is under development.

Delphi produces more than 37 million heat exchangers every year. A suite of proprietary computing systems provides the ability to model components as well as entire systems. Delphi's heat transfer simulation capabilities help ensure an optimally designed system for nearly any application.


  • High efficiency
  • Helps original equipment manufacturers meet high SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) and HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) requirements
  • Aluminum construction yields high durability and is easy to recycle
  • Substantial refrigerant charge reduction compared to tube and fin designs, enhancing environmental friendliness and helping reduce operating costs
  • 40 percent mass reduction compared to existing tube and fin products

Typical Applications

The Delphi MCHX® Evaporator is suitable for use in:

  • Residential air conditioning/heating (indoor units)
  • Commercial cooling/heating applications (rooftop units)
  • Refrigeration applications, including retail food storage and bottle cooling
  • Transportation (e.g., refrigerator trucks)
  • Heating units

Performance Advantages

The Delphi MCHX® Evaporator, like all of Delphi's heat exchangers, uses brazed aluminum construction and is based on the unique micro channel technology, which consists of three components: a flat micro channel tube, fins and two refrigerant manifolds joined together in a single coil. The design provides greater efficiency than traditional mechanical tube and fin heat exchanger designs.