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Delphi's Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) team's mission is to create, manage, protect and leverage Delphi's intellectual property.

The IAM commercialization and licensing team works with Delphi operating units that have the high potential to produce revenue through commercialization and licensing.

Through these newsletters, we hope to give you some insights into Delphi's innovative technologies and how we are partnering to put them to use in both automotive and non-automotive markets around the world.

DT Newsletter - Fall 2013 Edition
  • Operator State Monitoring (OSM)
  • Performance Pack
  • Power Pack
DT Newsletter - Spring 2013 Edition
  • Micro-Scale Cooling
  • K-Alloy/A304
  • Phase Change
DT Newsletter - Fall 2012 Edition
  • Facial Recognition
  • Rollover Algorithm
  • Integrated Radar and Camera System
  • Passive Occupant Detection