Technology Licensing Opportunities

The Delphi Commercialization and Licensing (C & L) team has a number of advanced patented technologies available for license, including:

In addition to the items listed above, licensing opportunities also exist for the following, more-specific technologies:

  • Advanced facial recognition technologies, enabling a superior combination of speed, package size and accuracy
  • Multi-sensor based safety systems, providing blind zone detection, back up aid, collision mitigation, and drowsy driver sensing
  • LED/LCD (light emitting diode/liquid crystal display) and custom back light display
  • technologies, enabling innovative use of color-converting translucent plastic
  • Manufacturing engineering and quality systems for improved throughput

Our Team

The Delphi C & L team is focused on creating additional value from Delphi's technologies which include more than 6,000 patents, and provides licensees a point of access to these beneficial technologies. We are confident Delphi's intellectual property can create value for our licensees for applications in additional markets. We continually seek interested parties who share a similar vision.

Delphi's C & L team consists of experienced professionals with strong industry and transactional experience to complete your license, including:

  • Deal management skills building value propositions and creating win/win solutions
  • Close connections to the broad Delphi technical and business community
  • Industry leading intellectual property analytic tools to identify the best available technologies
  • Facilitation of comprehensive and successful technology transfer