Commercialization and Licensing

The Delphi Commercialization and Licensing team blends an entrepreneurial spirit with decades of experience to facilitate access to a broad and diverse technology portfolio. By leveraging Delphi's disruptive technologies, which are new technologies that unexpectedly displace an established technology, companies can achieve enhanced competitiveness through lower research and development costs and reduced time to market.

The Commercialization and Licensing team is dedicated to reviewing and prioritizing our more than 6,000 patents and making them available for licensing.

Delphi licensing streamlines the process to license Delphi technologies in fields as diverse as automotive, consumer products, defense, homeland security, aerospace, electronics, industrial, and medical. For example, one of Delphi's patents, K-Alloy/A304, licensed to smelters, is an innovative aluminum die casting alloy that resists corrosion, providing benefits for diverse applications, including farm and recreational equipment, outdoor lighting and electronics component housings subjected to harsh environments.

Patent Sales
Delphi Technologies regularly identifies intellectual properties in business transition and is interested in discussing the sale of these patents covering technologies with interested companies. Two of the patented technology packages include:


    Delphi's owns a set of antenna related patents applicable to automotive and non-automotive applications. The technology leverages improvements in quality, efficiency, reduced energy consumption and smaller footprint.


    Delphi's portfolio of related patents includes:

    • Temperature
    • Angle and Calibration
    • Torque
    • Liquid Level
    • Infrared
    • Light Concentration

    The sensors help deliver improved performance and accuracy in their applications.

Please contact contact us if you would like more information about these technologies.

Technology Spinouts
IAM activities at Delphi have also focused on launching spinout companies based on our most disruptive technologies — new technologies that unexpectedly displace an established technology. One of our successful spinout ventures is Monarch Antenna, which offers a self-structuring antenna technology to improve the reliability of wireless links in consumer, industrial, and government communications devices.

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of collaborating with the Commercialization and Licensing team through a licensing program and begin taking advantage of streamlined access to one of the world's technology leaders — Delphi.

Mission Statement for Delphi Technologies

To create, manage, protect, and leverage Delphi's intellectual property portfolio and develop market and business opportunities for these groundbreaking technologies.