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Delphi Traction Inverter for Hybrid Electric Vehicles

The Delphi high-performance traction inverter converts high-voltage DC power into multi-phase AC power required to drive three-phase induction or permanent magnet electric machines used in hybrid and electric vehicle propulsion. The traction inverter can be customized to operate over a wide range of power levels at input voltages from 42 – 700 VDC. Compatible with multiple types of AC motors, it will drive mild hybrids, full hybrids or electric vehicles


Minimum Order Quantity

  • 5000


  • Cost-effective power conversion
  • Patented power silicon packaging technology reduces mass, volume and cost
  • Patented thermal management technique eliminates the need for a second cooling loop in some applications by using engine coolant for power electronics cooling
  • Multi-machine capability for advanced powertrain applications


  • Multiple power stages capable of driving two electric machines simultaneously
  • Integrated power electronics and machine controller for vehicle packaging flexibility
  • CAN communications
  • Input voltages of 42 to 700 VDC allowing design flexibility
  • Wide range of available power levels
  • Compatible with mild hybrids, full hybrids and electric vehicles