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DC to DC Converter

Delphi Universal 2.2kW DC/DC Converter

Delphi's 2.2kW DC/DC Converter creates DC voltages in hybrid and electric vehicles necessary to power accessories and the HVAC system. Liquid-cooled, the DC/DC converter operates at input voltages from 216 to 422VDC with a power range to 2.2kW.





  • In production
  • Proven automotive design, reliable even in the harsh environment of the engine compartment
  • Highly efficient conversion using synchronous rectification
  • Applicable to multiple vehicle platforms without re-engineering


  • Analog output voltage is adjustable through CAN serial communication; 11V – 15.5V
  • Bi-directional capability supports charging of high-voltage battery
  • Over-voltage, over-current, and over-temperature protection with fault reporting
  • CAN serial interface




  • HV (VDC) 216 – 422V
  • LV (VDC) 7 – 15.5V


  • Buck (HV->LV): 2.2kW, max 175A @ 12.5V
  • Boost (LV->HV): 600W, max 2.35A on HV

Bus: CAN serial data bus for control and communications
Efficiency: 90%

Packaging Dimensions: 253mm x 257mm x 80(56)mm
Volume: 4.2L
Weight: 5.0kg
Coolant fluid: 50/50 mixture H20 /Glycol (max 75°C)
Coolant flow rate, pressure drop:10 l/min, max pressure drop = 0.07 bar
Ambient Environment
Body-mounted, underhood
Operating temperature: -40°C to 110°C
Operating life (over 15 years): >10,000h