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Delphi Wireless Device Charging

When consumers use personal electronic devices, the use of charge cords and adaptors can be a distraction while driving. To help solve this issue, Delphi Wireless Device Charging will allow mobile electronics like cell phones and tablets to automatically and wirelessly charge within the vehicle. Delphi's smart solution will couple both safety and convenience in one package. With Delphi's technology, a driver's focus can be on driving, without compromising communication or connectivity.

The forward-looking systems will be a product differentiator for advanced technology vehicles, eliminating chargers, cords and adaptors within the vehicle. They are being developed in cooperation with a wireless energy transfer technology provider. A magnetic field from a source coil in the vehicle transmits power to the consumer devices, enabling in-vehicle, high efficiency charging that is safe for humans — for a totally wireless experience that is seamless and effortless.

This hands-free charging transfers electric power over short distances without physical contact. The wireless charging system will include an inductive pad.

In addition, Delphi now has the ability to couple peer-to-peer Near Field Communications (NFC) FC with wireless device charging. This powerful, compact device integrates various functions to pair seamlessly with the vehicle, while also allowing it to wirelessly charge.

Using this technology enables an innovation evolution which allows positional freedom for the devices while charging. The systems will fully charge a device at a rate comparable to most residential plug-in chargers. Regardless of the direction the standards take in the future, Delphi engineers are prepared to offer an appropriate solution.

Tomorrow's solution: Automatic and convenient charging of mobile electronic devices with the Delphi Wireless Charging System for Consumer Devices — without any charge cords, plugs and adaptors.


  • Built-in convenience and simplicity, enabling an enhanced driving experience
    • Minimal action needed for seamless connectivity
      • Will enable easy, automatic charging within the vehicle's interior environment, without plugging in for a "truly" wireless experience
      • Intelligent system will activate the moment a device is within the range of the charging pad
      • Hands free — no moving or mechanical parts
    • Will eliminate the need for multiple distracting charge cords, plugs and adaptors for each device, and the need to locate and remember them before a trip
    • Will provide power needed to charge typical devices, from milliwatts to tens of watts
    • Helps extend the battery life of a smartphone because keeping a device at a higher level of charge extends the battery life
  • Safe and reliable, without compromising communication or connectivity for drivers and passengers
    • Engineered to provide a safe, robust, and quick charge
      • Non-radiative power transfer uses a magnetic near field
      • Minimal heating and energy transfer losses
      • Will charge devices at a rate comparable to most residential plug-in chargers
    • Inductive, non-ionizing system will meet industry safety guidelines and regulations
      • ICNIRP (International Commission of Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection)
      • IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
      • FCC (Federal Communications Commission)
    • Will help eliminate driver distraction, keeping a driver's hands on the wheel and eyes on the road
    • Can assist with meeting local transportation laws regarding device use while driving
    • Passive charging will ensure device operation when needed
  • Will enable vehicle interior design flexibility, providing seamless integration
    • Non-contact system will not require precise device positioning
    • Customer-specific packaging available
  • Bluetooth communications/LIN/CAN/NFC
  • Environmentally friendly
    • Eliminates the need for and disposal of charge ports and adaptors

Typical Applications

Delphi Wireless Device Charging is being developed to be used with ground transportation vehicles. Examples of mobile electronic devices that can be automatically charged include mobile handsets, portable navigation devices, smart phones, tablet computers, and more.


Delphi Wireless Device Charging is currently under development. The technology is targeted for 2016 model year vehicles. Contact Delphi for further information.

Performance Advantages

Along with delivering the seamless connectivity that consumers demand, Delphi's integrated wireless energy transfer system is a next step toward enabling the automated driving experience.

Delphi can bridge the gap between the laboratory and the highway by providing electrical/electronic systems integration expertise, a global manufacturing and engineering footprint and components and systems specifically engineered for the vehicles of today and tomorrow. Delphi's expertise in global engineering, validation and manufacturing helps position us to make wireless charging within vehicles a reality by using seamless architecture integration.

The Delphi Advantage

Delphi has a thorough understanding of complex system requirements, spanning multiple markets and serving a diverse customer base. Global innovation is supported through Delphi's worldwide engineering and development centers. Delphi's sophisticated modeling capabilities and full in-house testing capabilities allow us to design systems that meet specific customer requirements. Our engineers are experts in materials, products, and processes for conventional, hybrid, and electric vehicle applications and our flexible engineering approach encourages collaboration.

Delphi has active involvement with many industry groups, including the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) and the Power Matters Alliance (PMA). Through close participation with different global standards groups, Delphi remains in a position to offer compatible technology and provide standards-compliant products. We are a source for high-value solutions and our systems approach is built into every product in our growing portfolio.