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Delphi Electronic Injector Flush Cleaning Kit

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Delphi Product & Service Solutions Launches First-of-its-Kind Electronic Injector Test Kit and Injector Solvent Cleaner for Quicker and Easier Common Rail Repairs

New, all-makes Common Rail Solenoid Injectors solution for diagnosis and cleaning of the injector internal components (valve) without removing from the vehicle.

Release Date: April 25, 2013

WARWICK, UK – Delphi Product & Service Solutions announced today that it has launched its first-of-its-kind Electronic Injector Test Kit (Patent pending) and Injector Solvent Cleaner to provide technicians a quick, easy way to diagnose the electrical part of a Common Rail solenoid injector. Coupled with the Injector Solvent Cleaner, which cleans the internal components of the valve without removing the injector, these two items help deliver a quick diagnostics solution and resolve a specific issue of early stage lacquering.

Today's CRi coils typically have low resistance and cannot be measured using a standard digital multi-meter (DMM) tool. Additionally, during diagnosis it is not enough to measure resistance to determine a coil's health. To ensure an accurate diagnosis, technicians need to measure its inductance value as well. Delphi's simple handheld device measures resistance and inductance of the coil of the injector together. It also checks for a coil open or short circuit, the insulation of the coil to the injector body and drives the valve to make it buzz.

Until now, a unique feature to test free movement of the valve was only possible on some Delphi systems via an ECU routine. With Delphi's new Electronic Injector Test Kit, this functionality is now available to all-makes CR solenoid injectors.

Immediate and accurate results are presented on a digital display in under 60 seconds, and allows the user to compare values between the injectors to identify if any are not within a comparable performance range.

The complete test process with the Delphi Electronic Injector Test Kit proves the electrical integrity of the injector and aids diagnosis of potential faults (ECU, harness and injector). This completes the on-vehicle diagnosis process for the CR system alongside Delphi's Sealed Rail Tool and False Actuator Kit, which identify hydraulic system faults.

An extended drive routine for an on-vehicle injector clean is included. During this cycle a dedicated cleaning solvent can be introduced into the injector to resolve specific issues, enabling a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution.

Simple to use, the Delphi Electronic Injector Test Kit is designed to be used on or off vehicle and carries out its functionality with two simple routines, with no set up required by the user, other than selecting the appropriate connector for the injector type. During its diagnostics operation, the Delphi Electronic Injector Test Kit has two cycles: measurement and cleaning.

  • In the measurement cycle, the injector buzz performs the most important measurements and drives the injector for the Buzz test. Because of its unique design, it can replace the Millohmeter, Megohmeter, LCR meter, DMM and signal generator measuring everything in one cycle with one switch.
  • Running the measurement cycle allows quick detection of an electrical failure of the injector or confirmation there is no electrical failure and therefore helps the diagnostics process. If there is an electrical failure then the Cri cannot be repaired, enabling the technician to make a quick decision regarding the repair process.

  • In the cleaning cycle, the injector buzz allows to clean (cure early stage lacquering) the internal components (valve) of the injector without injector removal from the engine. It too can also be used on or off vehicle.

By using the Delphi Electronic Injector Test Kit, individual injector faults are clearly presented with warning messages. If the injector passes these stages, however, the technician is then presented with the resistance and inductance values of the coil, and can easily diagnose an electronic failure by comparing one injector's values to the others.

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