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Delphi Medical Systems' VitalPoint™ Home Offers Patients More Flexibility

Provides vital signs remotely to any location, saving patients' trips to the doctor's office

Release Date: October 31, 2005

TROY, Mich.-- Convenience is important to everyone, but to a patient with a serious illness or chronic disease, having a convenience that reduces their doctor and hospital visits can make life much easier.

Delphi Medical Systems, a subsidiary of Delphi Corp., introduces VitalPoint™ Home, a new vital signs monitoring system that gives patients the flexibility to have their health practitioner check on them remotely -- no matter where he or she is in the world. The doctor, nurse or other caregiver simply logs on to a secure website through their PC or PDA -- checking patient information quickly and easily.

VitalPoint™ Home reads a patient's blood pressure, glucose level, pulse rate, respiratory rate, pulse oximetry, temperature and weight. Once vital signs are recorded, they are automatically sent to a Delphi Medical website via a regular phone line.

Medical professionals then get the information by logging onto a secure website and viewing the information, as needed, from their PC, laptop or PDA. Also, alerts or "limits" can be set so that the doctor or nurse can receive SMS messages, emails, or voicemails in case attention needs to be given to a particular patient. Furthermore, specific reminders can be sent to the patient, via the small table top monitor, which weighs only three pounds.

"While VitalPoint™ Home can't replace all face-to-face visits between the health practitioner and the patient every time, it can limit visits and keep patients in constant contact with their caregivers, actually extending the doctor's reach and ability to help," said Christophe Sevrain, managing director, Delphi Medical Systems. "Imagine a patient with a chronic illness who now only has to make an arduous trip to the doctor once a month, unless their caregiver sees something that requires unscheduled attention."

"VitalPoint™ Home was designed for all patients, even those who are not technology savvy, by providing them an easy to use touch screen," said Sevrain. "It gives reminders to patients and gives them simple visual as well as verbal instructions while using the equipment."

Additionally, a patient's concerned family member, with the consent of that patient, can also sign up through Delphi Medical Systems to remotely check on their loved one's condition from any computer or PDA, via the Internet.

"Once again Delphi Medical Systems is answering needs in the medical community," said Sevrain. "Patients want flexibility, better quality of life, and time savings and doctors want to give the best care to all of their patients, and grow their practice without necessary growing their physical office. VitalPoint Home gives them the ability to "see" more patients daily, and the assurance that if there is a problem, the doctor will be able to help thanks to the remote vital signs monitoring technology."

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NOTE: This product is not an emergency response system. Patients whose symptoms need immediate response still immediately need to call 9-1-1 or their medical care provider.

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