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Leveraging our core technologies, we provide solutions for the automotive industry and beyond. Your career can be as diversified as Delphi. If you seek ongoing project variety, skill development, and career progression, look to Delphi. We continue to diversify our customer base and enter new global markets, creating an environment that is dynamic, resilient, and growth-oriented. We are excited about the increasing demand for our team's wide-ranging knowledge and expertise exhibited across all our major business lines. Learn what Delphi France has to offer!

career-opportunities-icon3aCountry Information

France offers a world where life is enjoyed to the fullest. One of the founding members of the European Union, France is one of the world's major economic powers. As the leading agricultural producer and exporter in Europe, France delivers distinctive and highly regarded wines and other foodstuffs. Its diversified industrial sector includes electronics, metallurgy, and mining. In addition, France is well known and respected for its automotive and aerospace industries.

France also has a network of universities and engineering and business schools (or "grandes écoles") linked to the world of business and research. It also has schools with programs that are shorter and more profession oriented.

France dedicates more than 2% of its GDP (gross domestic product) to innovation, supported by a special tax framework thanks to its research tax credit system. France successfully merges technical innovation with advanced design. This makes the country a perfect fit for Delphi France and our talented and motivated employees.

Delphi Presence
Delphi in France

Delphi was first established in France in 1925. Situated in the heart of Europe, Delphi France is well positioned to supply innovative and high quality products throughout the European continent and the world. To best serve customers, Delphi France has four manufacturing plants, four technical centers, and three customer service centers strategically located in Blois, Cergy, Epernon, Illkirch, La Rochelle, Saint Aubin du Cormier, and Villepinte (near Paris).

To ensure quality, vehicle manufacturers have always paid great attention to the quality within the whole supply chain. The common quality "language" in the automotive industry has been established through the introduction of ISO/TS 16949 — quality standards agreed between American, European and Japanese car manufacturers. All Delphi plants in France have already been recertified with ISO/TS 16949.

For efficiency and simplicity, innovation in France is shared between public research laboratories and businesses from around the world. In France, clusters have been created by private businesses and regional development agencies and include high-tech sectors, such as nanotechnology and biotechnology, but also more traditional industries. Since clusters are fully integrated into the local economic landscape, they offer a privileged partnership environment that lets businesses, research laboratories, universities and educational institutes work together as a network. Delphi France is actively participating in French clusters, including NUMATEC, Pôle Véhicule du Futur (Vehicle of the Future), and ID4CAR.

Products produced by Delphi France include:

  • Alarms
  • Column integrated modules (CIM)
  • Common rail injectors
  • Connection systems
  • Immobilizers
  • Integrated bussed electrical centers (IBEC)

career-opportunities-iconCareer Opportunities

Delphi offers career development opportunities, professional internal and external training in an environment based on teamwork. Delphi's plants in France are committed to being a clean, safe and efficient workplace — offering opportunities for employees at all levels.

We offer a broad range of career opportunities for both experienced candidates and recent graduates. With a significant presence in France, Delphi needs talented, educated, and experienced professionals to lead the business successfully. Delphi not only gives employees valuable know-how, but also helps them attain a rewarding developmental experience.

Typical areas of expertise needed are as follows:

  • Electrical engineering
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing engineering
  • Manufacturing operations
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Quality
  • Software and systems engineering


Employees working at various Delphi France locations actively support social responsibility through voluntary contributions as well as being active in their communities.